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The deep love for the land and the great devotion that for 40 years, the owner Patuzzo Renato, constantly put in his work gave life, first to the Farms of the Patuzzo family, then to the commercial company Patuzzo and Malvezzi Clovers Trade srl and today flanked by his daughter, Patuzzo Roberta, to the new Patuzzo srl. Patuzzo srl is the symbol of the new generation, founded on the passion for the land and its fruits, which has always been rooted in the Patuzzo family, and now carried on also by the first child of the family, Patuzzo Roberta.It is a new reality born alongside the historic Patuzzo and Malvezzi C.T. srl and that will gradually take over keeeping steady the prerogatives of reliability and the quality of the products that have always characterized the company of the father. Respect for nature and great attention to the cultivation methods of the rich soils of the Verona plain have meant that the Biological method established by EEC Regulation 834/07 has become the peculiarity of the company and all its products.


The Patuzzo family has been producing cereals and oilseeds in the fertile plains of Verona for more than forty years, commercializing them on the Italian and foreign markets. For almost twenty years the controlled Biological system provided by the EEC 834/07 Regulation is imperative for the company that today guarantees high quality natural products whose traceability is ensured thanks to the constant controls carried out by safe and qualified certification bodies.Thanks to modern systems of storage and preservation of the products, their chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics are kept intact. What is fundamental for us is to guarantee quality, traceability and sustainability.

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